Agriculture is Central to Climate Policy

Climate change is threatening agriculture.

Over 70% of the rural poor depend on farming as their main livelihood.

The world must increase food production and cut over-consumption to feed a growing global population.

Agriculture, in turn, is a major driver of climate change.

Broad and Diverse Challenges

These coupled challenges of mitigation and adaptation call for a holistic response that addresses:

  • Food security and sovereignty
  • Farmers’ rights
  • Human rights
  • Rural livelihoods
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We Already have the Solutions

At the center of the solution are more sustainable farming practices.

According to recent reports agroecological practices can double food production within 10 years while reducing climate impacts.

Agroecology – farming that integrates insights from agronomy and ecology:

  • Improve availability, by increasing agricultural productivity
  • Improve accessibility, by helping to reduce rural poverty
  • Improve adequacy, by improving nutrition
  • Improve sustainability, by improving climate adaptation
  • Improve farmer participation, by strengthening grassroots engagement

False Solutions Must be Rejected

At the same time, farming must shift from industrial models that contribute to the climate, food, energy and ecological crises, and rely on:

  • Monocultures
  • Heavy fossil fuel use
  • Polluting nitrogen-based fertilizers
  • Privatization of knowledge through IPRs
  • Risky technologies such as genetic modification
  • Perverse agricultural subsidies

And it must avoid using carbon markets, which shift the burden of climate mitigation from farmers in rich to poor countries, and enable rich farmers to continue highly polluting farming practices.

Promoting an holistic approach – one that addresses these challenges, shares efforts fairly, and promotes fair not false solutions – is a major concern for farmers and climate campaigners alike.

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