Elements of a ‘Shared Vision’

At the UN climate talks countries are discussing a ‘shared vision’ for long-term cooperation. Under discussion is:

  • An agreed limit on global warming, and associated risks;
  • The level of global emission cuts required to achieve this;
  • The roles of developed and developing countries;
  • The financing and technology to be provided to developing countries; and
  • How in practice the shared vision will be achieved and reviewed.

At stake is nothing less than protecting the Earth’s climate and ecosytems, how we share atmospheric commons among rich and poor and whether all countries can access the means -  including finance and technology to address climate change and live well.

Civil society groups are calling for a shared vision that sets a safe global goal, is equitable and ensures a just transition.

Key Demands:

  • A goal to limit temperature increases to 1-1.5C.
  • The equitable sharing of remaining atmospheric space, considering past use and consumption.
  • Binding goals for the provision of finance and technology.
  • Mid and long term emission reduction targets that are in line with what the science requires.

More Information:

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