Sharing and Technology Transfer

Sharing and transferring knowledge, skills and technology – on levels never before conceived – is essential if we are to address the climate crisis. The solutions exist: ecological agriculture, renewable energy, improved public transportation, traditional practices of living well, and many others.

We need a new era of cooperation to deploy these socially and environmentally sound solutions in every country, sector and location to help all people to live well in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.

In recognition of their historical responsibility for climate change and in payment for their climate debts, civil society groups are calling on developed countries to ensure access to useful, clean and socially sound technology.

Key Demands:

  • A global goal for technology transfer to developing countries.
  • A new technology mechanism to oversee a technology network and technology centres.
  • A new technology transfer fund (or window under the Green Climate Fund) under the UNFCCC.
  • Specific commitments to transfer technologies in all relevant sectors.
  • Removal of intellectual property barriers to sharing technologies, skills and knowledge.
  • Full participation of all affected communities in decision-making.
  • The recovery and relearning of traditional wisdom and know-how.

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