Farmers on the Frontline

Farmers are at the forefront of climate change’s impacts – variations in weather patterns are affecting their crops and their livelihoods right now.

Agriculture also has an important role to play in the just transition that is required to avert the climate crisis.

For these reason farmers are leaders in climate justice movements in calling for the safest temperature increase limits possible, deep emission reductions now and finance for adaptation to the effects of climate change.

Key Demands:

Key demands of farmers groups include:

  • Genuine agrarian reform for food sovereignty
  • Agro ecological revolution as the solution to climate change
  • Restructuring of the entire food system
  • Full and equal participation of women in the new food system and in the society as a whole
  • Building of a food system based on human needs
  • End to multinational control of our genetic resources
  • Seed sovereignty where seed can adapt and mitigate climate change

More Information:

For the latest updates on issues affecting farmers please click here. For further information and statements from farmers organisations please see:

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