Asia and Environmental Destruction

Asia, with the highest population of any region of the world, millions of small-hold and peasant farmers, and a history of some of the most volatile and powerful weather storms, is a flashpoint for climate impacts.

Current global modes of production, consumption and trade have caused massive environmental destruction in Asia including global warming that is putting our planet’s ecosystems at risk and pushing human communities to disaster.

Asia in particular has become the world’s factory at the expense of our tropical rainforests and water and mineral resources, causing chemical pollution; deforestation, land degradation and the displacement of indigenous and rural populations. Such disastrous consequences demand that we change our existing development and economic systems and our livelihoods.

Key Demands:

Key demands of Asian civil society included in the Asian Movements, Organizations and Networks platform for Climate Justice, include:

  • The recognition of and reparations for Ecological Debt and Climate Debt – a fundamental starting point for climate justice.
  • Carbon emission reductions through domestic measures and the just allocation of carbon space among nations and within countries; resisting false solutions.
  • Social Transformation towards equitable and sustainable global and domestic systems; promoting peoples alternatives.
  • End to the policies and operations of global financial institutions that exacerbate climate change; stop to the use of public finance to support projects and policies that intensify global warming.
  • Financing of climate programs as part of reparations for climate debt.

More Information:

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