The Focus of UN Negotiations: Emission Reductions

UN climate negotiations, under the UNFCCC, continue between all countries on a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol and on ‘long term cooperative action’ under the UNFCCC.

The negotiations are currently off-track: they are not focused on the central issue – emission reductions in developed countries.

If the current emission reduction pledges are implemented the world could risk up to 5 C degrees of warming according to the UNEP.

False Solutions

Too often the climate talks are being used as a forum to advance false solutions – such as carbon markets – instead of focusing on what needs to be done to avert catastrophic climate change.

Civil society groups continue to monitor and intervene in UNFCCC negotiations to hold governments accountable to their people and to the planet.

More Information:

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Below is a selection of civil society assessments of the negotiations in general:

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